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Katie Razzano

Practice Manager

Katie Razzano, with her extensive experience in banking, insurance, and tax preparation, serves as the backbone of Razzano Consulting, LLC as the Practice Manager since 2005. Her journey in the finance world began in 1996 with a strong foundation in banking, which was further enriched with insights from the insurance sector starting in 1999. These experiences have equipped Katie with a profound understanding of the financial landscape, an asset she has been bringing to the forefront in her current role.

As the client liaison at Razzano Consulting, Katie is the pivotal bridge between the firm and its clients. Her expertise in tax preparation is both comprehensive and nuanced, covering a wide range of needs for individuals and businesses alike. Her approach to client service is deeply personalized, reflecting her commitment to understanding and addressing the unique financial challenges and goals of each client.

Beyond her professional acumen, Katie is also the nurturing mother of two beautiful children, Julia and Anthony. Her role as a mother adds another layer of empathy and understanding to her interactions with clients, many of whom are balancing their own family and business responsibilities.

Katie's dual role as a skilled financial professional and a dedicated mother brings a unique perspective to Razzano Consulting, LLC. Her ability to manage complex financial strategies while maintaining a warm, client-focused approach is a testament to her multifaceted skills and dedication. In partnership with her husband, Anthony Razzano, she has been an integral part of shaping the firm into a trusted, family-oriented business that genuinely understands and caters to the needs of its clients.


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