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Chris Warso

Strategic Advisor - Amazon DSP

Chris Warso is a distinguished leader in logistics and business development, renowned for his remarkable success with Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP). As the driving force behind a high-performing DSP operation, he has expertly steered the business to achieve an impressive average annual revenue of $4.3 million over three years.

At the helm of a team of 100 employees, Chris has fostered a culture of collaboration and excellence, significantly contributing to consistent revenue growth. His adept leadership in fleet management, overseeing a fleet of 52 vehicles, exemplifies his ability to optimize performance and maintain cost-effectiveness. Chris's operational prowess is further demonstrated in his efficient management of diverse daily routes, ensuring seamless delivery operations across both rural and urban areas.

Before his tenure with Amazon DSP, Chris accumulated seven years of invaluable experience in business consulting and an extensive 17-year career in training and development. In his current role as Director of Training at Buddy’s Home Furnishings, he is pivotal in advancing employee development, implementing effective training programs, and upholding high operational standards. Chris's responsibilities extend to collaborating with leadership for program modifications and supervising the success of training initiatives.

A veteran of the United States Navy, Chris brings a disciplined approach and strategic thinking to all his endeavors. His expertise includes proficiency in tools like Articulate Storyline, Camtasia, Snagit, and Microsoft Office Suite. His background also encompasses significant experience in sales, public speaking, and a range of industries, including food, bar, and furniture.

Chris Warso's journey from a Navy veteran to a leading figure in logistics and business development is a story of dedication, strategic innovation, and leadership excellence. His partnership with Razzano Consulting, LLC as an affiliate brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, poised to deliver transformative results in the logistics consulting sphere.


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